Leverage Your Akash

Many of our current trauma-drama-blockages are protection from past-life, and current life, experiences. Understand this, and witness an experience like a spectator in a movie, then let it all go. Or, maybe you'll discover your best assets! Marilyn (and Adironnda & Company) take you on a meditative journey to show you how. Fun, and very practical.

with Marilyn Harper
via Meditative Journeying
An Inner Scoop

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... of your own life/lives. Everyone experiences the Akashic Records differently. To some, they appear as digital data, others see a huge hall of, literally, records. It's like watching a movie of a past (or future) time.

Everyone reaches the Akash in the same manner... through an energetic journey of time and space. Once you understand how to get there, you can go back at anytime.

Marilyn 's been guiding folks for decades into the Akashic Records. During the experience, Adironnda & Company (from the 17th Dimension) may join you! Marilyn is their Divine link to Planet Earth. BONUS!

to Accelerate Your Present Purpose

Learn to Visit Your Akashic Records, Anytime.

Join Marilyn Harper and Adironnda & Company for a Unique Journey....


Know the foundation of your best talents can certainly assist in you living your Divine Purpose.