Soul Sound Activations

A 52-Track Audio Journey and Musical Activation Compilation by Musician, Randy Luna.

Get 52-Tracks of Original Music Activations for Your Soul's Growth

As part of your Soul Sounds musical activation package, you'll receive 52 tracks of original music set to specific themes, composed to accelerate your energetic imprint and propel your evolution. 

As we move from the Information Age into the Intuition Age, this activation music series will assist you on your soul's journey toward ascension. These musical encoded imprints can be played once, continually or anytime you would like a little boost.  

The new frequency on the planet is moving faster than previously experienced.  These 52 Musical Activation Tracks will help activate your cellular field to maintain your highest vibrational frequency 24/7. Your new tracks can be grouped and played back-to-back, or listened to individually on repeat based on the intention you desire.  

Each Track is a Custom Composition with a Unique Intention

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Reiki Master and musician, Randy Luna, brings you a year's worth of music tracks created specifically to activate and magnify the energy of each weeks themed focus, like empowerment, peace, wisdom, or abundance. 

This 52-track audio journey includes binaural beats and specific hertz frequencies that magnify the activation of the music, like 432 Hz (the Sound of Creation) and 528 Hz (often called the love frequency). 

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Your powerful 52-track playlist can be used in the car to lower stress and increase relaxation, when traffic or the kids seem to be crazy. It can also be used to promote creativity when co-creating with the Universe, or increase your focus and concentration when being played in the background while you are working. 

Randy Luna is an accomplished composer, arranger, and performer who resides in Branson, Missouri. As a professional pianist, he is the musician and composer behind all of Marilyn Harper’s and Adironnda's meditation music.

Randy arranges music for several theaters in the Branson area, plays nightly venues, and directs the music at the Hughes Brothers Theatre. He also enjoys composing music with Marilyn for her guided meditations series and co-creating the powerful activations heard on their monthly Double Digit broadcasts. 

Becoming a Reiki Master has heightened his ability to connect with spiritual energy and he applies that directly into the music provided on all his recordings. Randy’s aspirations include being able to create spiritually guided music full time.

Randy loves to bake and is an avid weather enthusiast.  

About Randy "The Master" Luna

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"Absolutely beautiful music!!! I created a playlist with all the activations and I've been listening to these tracks again and again. What a gift! Thank you so much Randy, for sharing your talents in this amazing new way." ~Julie R.

Love Notes from Fans Like You...

"Love this activation! Thank you. Brought tears to my eyes as I listened to it. Thank you again. A great start to the year." ~Mary N.

"...I use them to relax, help me heal from surgery and [release] from everything that no longer serves me. They give me peace and relax me. If I could describe them in two words it would be 'heavenly sounds'... and when I'm listening I just get a sense of transcendence, love, compassion, bliss, joy, and happiness." ~Maybelline P.