Marilyn Harper 
Spiritual Life Coach
& Divine Link 
for Adironnda and The Council of Light



We provide information to enrich your life and to help you heal. 

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Private Sessions with Adironnda and the Council of Light 

In a Private Session with Adironnda and The Council of Light, 
You'll Experience:

  • Assistance in finding your way 

  • Connection with yourself and those around you 

  •  A connection with Source, seeing the energy, and understanding how to be the best version of YOU
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In a Holographic Healing Session, 
You'll Experience: 

  • Overcoming fears of the unknown

  • Healing mental, emotional, and physical wounds

  • Peace, quite possibly, for the first time ever

  • The release of physical and emotional pain

  • Freedom from the confines of dis-ease, chronic pain, and other ailments
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Holographic Healing Sessions

Meet Marilyn Harper, Spiritual Life Coach and “Vessel” for Adironnda & the Council of Light

In the years following Marilyn's transformation in 1993 and her awakening in 1996, she dedicated herself to a spiritual path. She realized that as a result of the walk-in, she now possessed new abilities and talents, although she had no idea they included obtaining messages from individuals who were no longer physically present.

She was told by several other channels and psychics who recognized Marilyn as an activator, translator, and oversoul-to-oversoul communicator. They shared with her that she had the ability to bring in messages from other dimensional non-physical beings.

After becoming a Reiki Master, she discovered that she was able to “see/sense” into the human body and bring messages in from other dimensions. She then “volunteered” raising her hand, stating: I will go anywhere, say anything, do anything, as long as You can prove to me that you are God or Source moving through me.” That was all it took for God, the Source of All That Is, to link Marilyn with Adironnda and the (now) Council of Light.

She is a Reiki Master, Karuna Master, Quantum Touch practitioner, certified intuitive consultant, certified remote viewer, certified Train the Trainer Peak Potentials trainer, has been listed twice in Who's Who in America and created her own healing technique she calls Holographic Healing.

Meet The Council

Those on the Council have identified themselves as Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Master Jesus (Yeshua), Lord Buddha, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, Isis, Sehkmet, Ra, Babaji, St. Germain, and more.

During a private session, there are more Beings from the Light on the Council because we also connect with your guidance system.

Marilyn has dedicated her life to sharing the Council's (or Company's) messages with people on Earth. 

Time to get insight on your life, release pain and move forward.

I wanted to again thank you for that great session. I’m now realizing, this morning, that while I was crystal clear about wanting my leg lengths even, and that logically I wanted it for more balance (which was legit), I also now realize that more was at stake. This morning I felt such a beautiful, deep wholeness and peace, and stronger connection to the "everything". And clarity that Joy is my mission. So once again, Gary Cooper as Sgt York: The Lord works in mysterious ways. And also, sometimes you can’t get clear on why things have happened until some time passes. Thanks so much for your/Adironnda’s part in all of this unfolding! Warmly, 

~ Robin, NY, USA

Marilyn and Adironnda, I was truly surprised by the "updated software" in my brain. I honestly have no idea how that happened, because I actually felt something in my head and then I seemed somehow clearer in my messages. When I practiced 'reading' the crystal, I was shocked that the crystal seemed to talk to me and I actually somehow heard information to share with my partner. 

~ Laura, Italy 

Thank you so much for this very helpful and powerful session! I was deeply moved and - still I am. It was very helpful - and painful - the transformation adironnda did with me! Thank you, deeply thank you!

I will do my best! You are such a divine channel, Marilyn!

I love you!
Thank you also for the recording. It helps a lot to understand 

~ Savitri, Berlin, Germany 

Thank you so much Marilyn, I will definitely continue to use your services. You are magnificent, and right on with my reading, thank you so much. I love what you do Marilyn, you make a lot of people happy, much love."

~ Moe, Canada

Marilyn, How can I thank you? You are magnificent and I can thank you by moving forward in the light and sharing the vibration of love wherever I go! It's a process, and I know the universe sent you to me for assistance and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful work you do- 

~ Mary, NYC, USA 

My Dearest Adironnda, Thank you for the wonderful message today! I love your zest for life. Many times I feel you know what I am struggling with. As I'm sure you know my goals seem so close only to slip far away again. I look forward to talking to you more to bring my hopes and dreams home! 

~ Michelle, Hawaii, USA