Only Available Once a Year... 

For a Limited Time

A Meditation Made Just For You

TWO DOWNLOADABLE tracks with your personal channeled journey to assist you in anchoring in any creation you would like to see in your life. 

• Track 1 - custom made meditation
• Track 2 - original, soul-music on its own

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Making a 100% Custom Guided Meditation with Your Personal Intention

Amplify Your Intention with a "Personalized Guided Meditation"

Product Reviews

Renee O. from New York  Verified Buyer

"Dear Marilyn and Randy, I cannot thank you enough for the absolutely beautiful Soul music and the guided meditation!! When I started listening to the soul music, I started crying so hard that my nose got all clogged up. :) Tears fell as I listened, with my hand on my heart, full of love and gratitude! Then when I listened to the meditation, Marilyn, I continued the clogged nose, tear-falling gratitude for the messages that came through. :) What perfect timing on Christmas Eve that this came through! My heart is filled with so much love, compassion, and gratitude for both of you! Not only am I a huge fan of both of you (and Joeaux), y'all are my family! I feel I will be with y'all somehow, some way, in the future, and for that, I am truly grateful! So much love to all of you!"

Tore H. from Australia  Verified Buyer

"Thank you for sending this guided meditation out before Christmas Day for my Gift of opening my Magnificent Light being! WOW, so filled with love, Light, codes, and trust, plus my soul music. Right time at the right place...Thank you! Yes, it is Amazing! And I have worked hard with myself to experience this now. I deserve it! And so it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I enjoy it so very much! Have magical happy moments always, and I'll see you around!"

Rob from Australia  Verified Buyer

"I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love my personalized guided recording, my meditation. I knew I had made the right decision as soon as I listened to it. Literally, my heart opened. Surprisingly enough, I burst into tears, and I knew that it was going to make me cry. It was the healing that I needed to set the pace for the year. With love and gratitude. ”

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Created (literally) with you in mind

Each Recording is an Original, Tailored Specifically for YOU!

What Better Gift to Usher in the Year? 

Here's All We'll Need 

Your Full Name
Your first and last name is required to pull from your Akashic record, a necessary component of the channeling.

Your Birthdate
Like the first and last name of a person, your birthdate also provides energetic information for the channeling.

Your Personal Intention
What is it that you want to create in your life? It must be clearly stated. It could be to create a new business; a strong, healthy body; a beautiful, loving relationship; expanding an existing business (please provide the name of the business). Just let us know what your heart is longing for... the more specific, the better. 
Upon checkout, you'll be guided to a form to submit your detailed intention.

Mandy M. from California  Verified Buyer

"What an extraordinary meditation! It is perfect. The music is perfect. Thank you and dear Randy so much.  It really is a very special gift, and I can’t thank the two of you legends enough. In deepest gratitude."

Imagine a soulful guided meditation and channeled background music created just for you… specifically for fulfilling your heartfelt desires.

If you knew you could manifest anything you wanted simply by asking for it and listening to your custom-made tracks… wouldn’t you want to hear them every day?

It’s like someone writing you a love song, only better… because of how powerful of a tool it can be in activating your vision and igniting your dreams.

Marilyn and Randy only have the capacity to make 50 total Personalized Guided Meditations. More than half of them are already sold out. Place your order today before they are gone for another year.  Request yours by DEC 22nd if you need it for Christmas.


Give the gift of meditation to yourself (or someone you love). Amplify your desires for 2023!

Imagine the excitement upon opening your present and listening to the custom audio recording created literally for you (or them)!

Together, Marilyn and Randy anchor in the energy of two Reiki Masters when they connect in to channel your personalized guided meditation. 

In addition to amplifying and tuning you into the frequency of your intentions, listening to your new meditation recording also naturally balances your essence and energy.

This helps you deflect external chaos and keep it at a distance instead of absorbing and taking it on yourself.

"Know that sometimes you get the opportunity to have some assistance to help you get that balance in these chaotic times." ~Adironnda


Marilyn Harper

Randy Luna

NOTE:  PGMs are only available during specific times of the year. Watch your inbox for announcements. 

NOTE:  If your order is needed by Christmas, it needs to be requested by 12/22/22; if not, we can still do a personalized guided meditation afterward.