A 1 Day Workshop to Create Your New Normal and Leave Your Baggage Behind
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July, 2016
10AM - 6PM
San Jose, CA
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125
First 60
Participants Only

What does it mean to be a NEW Human?

Our DNA is changing, opening us up to a more expansive, cocreative way of living. It’s time to activate your new DNA.

When you walk away from this workshop, you’ll have practical methods to tap your new DNA and access your own wisdom, your higher state of communication, consistently and confidently.


9:30 am

On site registration and greeting

Show up a few minutes early, get a hug from Marilyn, and say "hi" to your soul family

10:00 am

Introduction / Explanation of the New DNA

Learn about what you can and cannot expect from these new strands of DNA


Adironnda will bring forth a message especially for the group and activate whatever is in your Highest for this moment, now.

Lunch Break + Surprise Sound Healing

Bring a sack lunch, or enjoy a meal out with the others in your group - including Marilyn!

12:30 pm

1:30 pm

Practical Hands-on Exercises

Receive a set of "tools" to be able to confirm your own intuition and innate abilities

Closing Circle

Always a special time, you'll be amazed at how fast this day went by... exchange contact info and receive access to the recording of the workshop

5:30 pm

About Marilyn Harper & Adironnda

Marilyn Harper
Divine Link for Adironnda & Company

What People Tell Us...

July, 2016

San Jose, CA
Community of Infinite Spirit
1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125
First 60

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- - - - with Marilyn Harper- - - -

Practice / Sharing

Pair up to practice your new skills and share with the group (optional) your new experiences

“Thank you for being you and sharing yourself and your gifts. You truly change peoples lives for the better! You are such an inspiration and a blessing to all who come in contact with you! Your work is amazing!! Thank you for following your passion and your path!”  ~ J.M.  |  San Jose, CA.

“I think everyone has been waiting for your specific, unique, laughter-loving energy. I know I love it.  You REALLY blew the lights out with the selenite swords of Light! AND Adironnda’s   Energies--and your own pure humility when you spoke (as yourself), which empowered each and every one of us women in the audience (and we will always be in the majority, for things spiritual!)” ~  A.M.  |  NJ.

Marilyn is a renowned public speaker, facilitator, Spiritual teacher and channel of Adironnda & Company - and travels now with the “Kryon family.” Adironnda is a spokes-being from the 17th Dimension, channeled through Marilyn.

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