Mt. Ida, Arkansas

Mountain Harbor Resort - You'll stay in cabins set in picturesque Ouachita National Forest on the shores of Lake Ouachita. Covering 40,100 acres, this lake is renowned for its scenic beauty and healing, crystalline waters.

  • Boating across Lake Ouachita
  • Swimming in the crystalline water for rejuvenating healing
  • Digging for quartz crystals in two of our favorite mines
  • Personal energy healing sessions
  • PLUS daily channeling from Adironnda & the Council of Light 

A Retreat for Your Soul

Mountain Harbor Cabins

We’ll be staying in beautiful cabins in Mountain Harbor Resort set among the forest, and overlooking the huge lake. You'll immediately experience the amazing energy of Mother Earth and the crystalline grid upon arriving in Mt. Ida. People say you can really feel the difference of this sacred spot, it's kind of like the energy in Sedona, Mt. Shasta or Crestone. You can feel your heart opening in the land. 

We will spend two days of our adventure together in two of our favorite nearby mines, calling up the crystals from deep within the surface. Those crystals that hear your call, and want to come home with you, will make themselves known to you. Your very own 'crystal city' is waiting to be found. And we’re going to dig to find these wonderful little crystal cities, so you can indeed acknowledge the crystalline grid that is around you and bring home that energy.

"I had no idea how easy it was to find crystals! I think the thing that touched me the most was when I went into the crystal mines, something stirred deep within me… Time spent with Adironnda soon revealed my Lemurian past. Surprise!"  

Retreat Co-host Marilyn Harper

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Serenity of Nature

Marilyn, Joeaux and Adironnda have prepared a sumptuous retreat for your soul to relax, explore, and PLURK! The gorgeous lake is virtually surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest and displays one of Arkansas’s most pristine shorelines (around 970 miles) as well as an abundance of wildlife, like deer and squirrels.

"There is just something that opens your heart when you have been digging in the red clay of Mt. Ida and you realize your hands are the first hands to touch these wonderful crystals in millions of years."  

Retreat Co-host Joeaux Robey

Joeaux Robey, Marilyn Harper AND Adironnda

Sunday, August 2 -Thursday, August 6      

$2111 per person  (6 month payment plans available).

Double Digit Subscribers can         save 10% on this retreat.

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Healing in the Crystalline Energy of Gaia in Mt. Ida, AR

August 2-6, 2020

Digging for Crystals 

Mount Ida, Arkansas is home to several open-pit mines and is known as the Quartz Crystal Capital of the World!


“I loved being out in nature and not having to work. I was surprised to discover (as a very private person) that I actually enjoyed the company of the other participants at this retreat. I was also amazed at the deep truth that came through for me from Adironnda.”
~ Retreat Participant

Healing in the Crystalline Energy of Gaia in Mt. Ida, AR

August 2-6, 2020


“Something happened in my soul when I realized that my hand was the first hand to touch that crystal in 65 million years. It was a profound experience.”

~ Retreat Participant

At least one entire day will be dedicated to being out on Lake Ouachita. We'll share a private boat excursion together, womaned by a local captain who will share her knowledge of the area, the crystalline energy of the lake, and then guide us to some sacred swimming spots. We’ll get off the boat and literally go for a swim in the crystal energy of Lake Ouachita. The whole lake is filled with crystal beds, and the water is so rich and healing. Your senses will be over-joyed by the fresh aroma of pine trees, warm enveloping hugs from the crystalline water and gentle breezes whispering in your ear.

Healing in the Crystalline Energy of Gaia in Mt. Ida, AR

August 2-6, 2020


“I am 72 years old and while I was attracted to this retreat I wasn’t sure I could keep up. Let me tell you, I loved every minute of it and went to bed exhausted each night and couldn’t wait to wake up and do it all over again.”
~ Retreat Participant


Healing in the Crystalline Energy of Gaia

  Mount Ida, Arkansas   August 2-6, 2020

Node of the Planet 

According to Kryon, Mt. Ida is the location of one of the nodes in the United States. As Monika Muranyi says, "Nodes are places of immense intensity, often in places that are less accessible or desirable for human habitation. But humans are very attracted to them anyway, and the indigenous of the Earth often built temples there."  The node in the crystalline mountain we call Mt. Ida is a place of immense beauty and tranquility. Next August, we invite you to swim in the crystal-laden waters of Mt. Ida and heal in the crystalline energy of Gaia.

The purpose of this retreat is personal healing. In the evening, and in the morning when possible, we will commune in a sacred circle, for a Q & A and personalized message from Adironnda and the Council of Light. And in any free time, we’ll be doing healing sessions with energy work. We will work on one another and be worked upon, sharing, and learning each others energetic healing techniques.  It’s going to be magnificent! If you have a selenite sword, you will definitely want to bring it with you. If not, you can always borrow or purchase one when you arrive. :)

Messages from Adironnda 

Shopping for Crystals 

Healing in the Crystalline Energy of Gaia in Mt. Ida, AR

August 2-6, 2020


 “I can’t think of a better way to have spent my birthday – it was the best present I could have given myself: out in nature, crystal digging, and being with wonderful, like-minded people. So much fun!”
~ Retreat Participant

Mt. Ida is known as the "Quartz Crystal Capital of the World." This is what crystals look like when they come up out of the ground. Most of the time they’ve got iron ore on them. We'll give you a bucket and you get to bring home as many crystals as you can carry. It’s incredible! 

There will be plenty of opportunities to shop for crystals while we're in Mt. Ida as well. Each of the crystal mines has a gift shop (indoors and out) where you can pick up anything that catches your eye, and buy those special ones that spark joy for you. As you can see, Marilyn loves this huge amethyst, but sadly it won't fit in her suitcase! The city is lined with local crystal shops and full of people who know their rocks.  It's a great opportunity to learn about special characteristics of certain stones.  

After a day of boating, shopping, swimming in the lake, or crystal hunting, you may find yourself wanting to spend some quality relaxation time lounging and soaking. Good news! Hot tubs are available on the deck of each cabin for you, and your roommates, to use during leisure time. And Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa also offers you the opportunity to book a massage appointment or make a splash in one of their three sparkling pools which are free for guest use. So you and your new friends can unwind with your feet up!

Time for Relaxation 

Prepared Cuisine Included

The luxurious cabins hold anywhere from 4 to 6 people in each.  Just like a hotel room setup, 2 people will share a room with separate beds.  There's a common kitchen, great room and dining space (pictured here). And your meals will be prepared on-site by our talented personal retreat chef. All food will be hand-selected and absolutely delicious. If you're on a special diet, no need to worry, as all dietary needs can be accommodated.

Mt. Ida is really the perfect location for a Healing Retreat. We’ll spend 5 days and 4 nights at the breathtaking Mountain Harbor Resort & Spa, in luxurious lake side cabins. Voted “The Best Resort in Arkansas” for three consecutive years, there’s no better place to stay, escape and play. Did you know that Lake Ouachita holds a secret?  A huge crystal bed lines the bottom of the lake’s deep and clear water! From the back deck, you can witness incredible sunrises and sunsets above the magnificent Ouachita mountain and tree-lined backdrop.

Flights and Logistics 

You'll want to fly in through the Hot Springs airport (HOT) and arrive on Sunday, August 2, 2020 (before 3 PM if possible) to allow ample time for travelling to the cabin and getting settled in before dinner. Airport pick-ups will be arranged in advance to facilitate the most efficient transportation for everyone to the Mountain Harbor Resort (about 26 miles away).  We'll depart on Thursday, August 6th after lunch, so drop offs can be arranged as a group. If you want to come early, or stay later for some exploring, you are free to do so, and will need to personally make arrangements.