And you'll learn How to Channel — Even If (You Think) You Can't

Discover the Secrets World-class Channelers (Like Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey) Use to Tap into Higher Consciousness and Trust the Messages Received


Why Take This Workshop with Marilyn and Joeaux

Most channeling classes teach one technique. We (along with Adironnda), teach you how to discover your own technique to connect with your Higher consciousness and KNOW that feeling so well, you can repeat the connection.

Release Blockages

The first step is simply to let go of anything that is in your conscious or subconscious mind stopping you from connecting with your Innate Guidance system.

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You’ll walk away understanding how to connect with your Higher Self and your Guidance Team, holding confidence that you too, can get your own information. Guaranteed.

Marilyn and Joeaux are playful, funny, inspiring, and have a knack for getting you to experience your own unique spiritual “gifts” and connect to Source to understand the bigger picture!



If you’ve never experienced the warm, loving energy of Adironnda, the 17-D being that Marilyn channels, you’re in for a real treat! They are a spokes-being for a Council of Archangels and Masters.

According to Joeaux...

"With practice, faith and trust, you will gain the confidence to share the messages you receive."

It's All New For 2022

Hello friends, Marilyn and Joeaux here. We're so excited to be able to show you how to access your intuitive gifts! It's easier than you might think. 

You were BORN with innate abilities. You may have already experienced these “animal instincts” or "women’s intuition” but, do you know how to access them on demand? We will help you reawaken these “gifts” and hear that still-small-voice inside.

What could be better than knowing how to commune with Spirit, getting answers to life's biggest questions, trusting in your own inner wisdom, and believing (without a doubt) that you're surrounded by loving Guidance?

Our How to Channel Even If (You Think) You Can't 2-Day, in-person class is complete with expanded teachings and all-new, interactive exercises that will allow you to practice your new skills. And, share your intuitive messages in a safe place with like-minded people.

How much would your life improve if you had an open line of communication with your Higher Self, Spirit, the Universe, your Physical Body, your Guidance Team, the psychic space surrounding you, and non-physical Beings from the other side?

Identify Imagination vs. Intuition

The second step is to understand the difference between what your Innate is communicating versus what your ego is creating. Imagining feels different than using your intuition. 

Trust the Universe

Finally, when you realize you are connecting with your Innate, and understanding the truth, everything becomes clear. You begin to trust your Guidance Team and their messages.

When you are connected to the "bigger picture" you know who you are, and why you're here. You know your purpose - and THAT is joy. Master Spirit connection to live a life of bliss.

You'll get the fastest, most reliable tool of all to channel your own answers and you can do this anywhere, 24/7! No more waiting for advice. You'll know that you know, which enhances peace.

Experience Inner Peace

Unlock Your Intuition

When you tap into Higher Consciousness you ARE a beacon of light. This is Creator Intuition. Activating the "bigger you" will bring even greater solutions into focus - more than what you could ever imagine.

Live More Joyfully

Adironnda & Company

Give Us One Weekend...

Who is Adironnda?

Adironnda is a "spokes-Being" from the 17th Dimension, representing a Council of Masters that once walked the Earth. "They" fondly refer to Marilyn as "The Vessel" and "Divine link" that channels their messages. Adironnda brings forth the feeling of unconditional love, the secrets of the Universe, and the true purpose of life. They are loving and funny, and gently assist in healing the heart, the past, and activating whatever is in your highest good to be activated for the betterment of your life and all humanity.



- 2 days of step-by-step group instruction
- Like-minded people to practice with

- Extensive "How to Channel" workbook
- Exercises to do on your own afterward

- Intuitive "software download" to uplevel




$444 + $99

- 2 days of step-by-step group instruction
- Like-minded people to practice with

- Extensive "How to Channel" workbook
- Exercises to do on your own afterward

- Intuitive "software download" to uplevel

PLUS, Sat. 7-9 PM Group channeling & activation with messages from Adironnda and The Council of Light.


$333 + $77


About Marilyn

Marilyn Harper has been a professional channel since 1999. She has helped thousands of people to awaken their own intuitive muscles, and connect with those energies from the Light who reside within the realm of your Higher Self. Utilizing the same method Marilyn uses to channel Adironnda & The Council of Light, she's created a series of exercises and activations so others can experience their innate abilities, and begin to bring in their own information.

About Joeaux

Joeaux Robey (or "The Joy" as Adironnda lovingly refers to her) encountered "The Vessel" more than a decade ago after a major Spiritual transformation that led her to walk away from her Corporate career. Now, she applies those business and technical skills to Adironnda's mission, and assists other Spiritual businesses through her brand, Soulopreneur. She used these practices to learn how to channel as well.

Are You Ready to Channel?

Now's the time! Humanity is moving forward at an accelerated rate. The incoming energetic frequencies are perfect for everyone to begin tapping into their own unique innate abilities. Together, we can assist in the evolution of the Planet by raising mass consciousness! We offer two options for you to choose from...

Here Are the Details








According to Marilyn...

"Channeling allows you to discover and receive deep wisdom, joy, creativity, and unconditional love."

Access Your Inner Knowing

Channeling (a.k.a. Spirit Communication) is one of your innate abilities. Anyone can do it (even YOU)! And, it's easier than ever in this "New Energy" to access your own information.

Marilyn reveals the secrets that she personally discovered for tapping into her own Higher Consciousness, while Joeaux shares personal stories that are oh so relatable. Their method of teaching is fun and easy, and their goal is for EVERYONE to practice and hone this skill! 

Past students have said, "Marilyn and Joeaux are playful, inspiring, deeply knowledgeable, and have a knack for getting you to experience your own unique spiritual gifts, and understand how YOU access them."

Not everyone connects to Spirit in the same way. Join us on July 23 & 24 in Newark, New Jersey to learn and practice your specific style. You'll be tapping into Higher Consciousness before the weekend is even over! Guaranteed.

Adironnda Group Channeling

Optional. If you’ve never had the opportunity to be up-close with Adironnda, the Being of Light that Marilyn channels, you’re in for a real treat! 

“They," Adironnda & the Council of Light, represent a Council of Guides, Angels, and Master Teachers from Earth (no longer in physical form) who deliver messages to help awaken the people of this planet.

In this optional evening session, Adironnda will go knee-to-knee with many attendees giving a personal message that also becomes a group message and activation for their Highest Good.

Join us Saturday, July 23, 2022, from 7-9 PM for "The Great Awakening" an optional evening event.

Light & Energy Workers

You will meet a room full of people who are just like you! Who could be better practice partners? Connect with your Higher Consciousness AND light-minded people from all over.

Right out of the gate, Marilyn will guide you through an activation meditation that acts like a "software download" in your physical body to open up your channeling connection.

Activations & Upgrades

Follow-up Exercises

Once you know what to do, and have experienced the connection, you need to exercise that intuitive muscle. Training doesn't end here... you'll have specific step-by-step practices to take home.

“Channeling is a skill that can be learned. Your intuition is a muscle you can develop with intention, practice and training.”

According to Adironnda...

What Alumni Had To Say

Thousands of people (just like you) have had amazing results with this workshop! Here are a few of their "success stories."  Will you be next?

"I just wanted to let you know my appreciation for you. I've attended many of your classes, and I love your energy! You really hit a certain spot within me. I'm so glad I discovered Marilyn and Joeaux! You give the world so much. You both have so much to give and you know so many things, about so many subjects. I also feel so connected with Adironnda. They are such a nice, loving energy...Thank you for what you're doing and what you're giving the world."

Zoran from Holland...

"I was truly surprised by the 'updated software' in my brain. I honestly have no idea how that happened, because I actually felt something in my head and then I seemed somehow clearer in my messages.  When I practiced 'reading' the crystal, I was shocked that the crystal seemed to talk to me and I actually somehow heard information to share with my partner. As promised, I was channeling!"

Laura from Italy...

"I just wanted to thank you again for a truly amazing class. You, your presence and all that you do is truly a gift for all whom you encounter. And for me, you, your classes, and your workshops are like my touchstone. Where I can remember once again what it feels like to sit in the presence of Source’s Love for us. Where I remember once again to reaffirm my belief that everything is possible and where I am ever so gently encouraged and nudged forward on my path..."

Amy from Arizona...

"This workshop was extraordinary! It really opened me up in a way I did not think possible by releasing the fear and embracing why I am here. I am so excited about the next phase, as the shift was remarkable. You really do have a way of making channeling feel safe and EASY!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for answering this calling to teach. You are changing the world on a grand scale."

Amy from North Carolina...

"Your class was AMAZING. Fun, easy to understand, and I loved the step-by-step process you shared to help us find our own way of 'hearing' our own guidance... In the Channeling class for the first time ever, I saw things. AND more importantly, I heard things! My Higher Self, is beginning to come in loud and clear, or at least louder and clearer than I thought possible. Thank you both."

Michael from California...

"Whether you are a person who can’t seem to access your channel to intuitive wisdom, or are an experienced psychic, this is a terrific course for opening your Channel wide and wider and building real skill and ability. Marilyn and Joeaux courageously say that by the end of the class, everyone will channel, and I can say I saw it happen, everyone did! What a fabulous course. I highly recommend it.”

MaHuLiLi from Oklahoma...

Sat. & Sun. July 23 & 24, 2022

11 AM - 4 PM (with breaks)

Doubletree Newark Airport

Essex Ballroom

128 Frontage Road, Newark, NJ


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Learn How to Channel - Even If (You Think) You Can't! This 2-Day, in-person class is new for 2022. Complete with expanded teachings and interactive exercises that will allow you to practice your new skills, and share your intuitive messages, in a safe space.

"If I can channel, anyone can channel." ~ Marilyn Harper

“Marilyn channels Sekhmet using the Selenite Swords of Light.”

"The Great Awakening"

According to Joeaux...