If You KNOW you can heal others (and yourself) why do you hesitate?  This course is for you!
There's only one way to trust your intuition with confidence...
You know that you know: But you hesitate.
You're not alone.

Everyone has intuition but few trust their own intuition. They get a gut feeling, or a sense, or a flash of information but then they second guess it. Or, over think it. This is tricky territory because there's no model to go by. We are truly developing our 6th sense and the best way to do this is to practice with others.

It's the same as the old cliché... How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice. We call this Practicing Mastery.

If this resonates, we have a hands-on experience for you.
HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING 4 with Marilyn Harper is a 21-day, intensive course that will help you to PRACTICE the necessary intuition of working on your own body or a client's body. Each day will include a different case study. You can volunteer your own health issue, or a client's. You'll develop the innate ability to view "things" remotely. This creates a more pro-active way of understanding the source of physical pain and dis-ease so that you can describe it (if necessary), get directly to its core, and even visualize the healing process.

Imagine what it would be like to heal yourself (or others). To confidently KNOW what your physical body is communicating.

Imagine the feeling of relief, knowing the physical source of discomfort so that you can get started on the healing process. We use the example of the physical body because that is the focus of Holographic Healing and Practicing Mastery is just that: practice, practice, practice. However, you need not have taken any of the prior courses to get value from this one.

This is an easy technique to learn, to heal yourself (or others). It is simply a muscle, that you already have, that we will awaken within you. For over ten years, this technique has proven to release chronic pain, heal dis-ease, and align the Spiritual and physical bodies, which ultimately leads to feeling younger. 

You will put into practice the steps to use this technique for yourself (or with others) during this course.
For the past 10+ Years, Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey Have Been Using This Exact Technique.
People ask us all of the time, "where do you get the energy to maintain your International travel schedule, how do you do it?" The answer is quite simple. We use the techniques that Adironnda & the Council of Light give to us! This includes HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING.

During a recent Brain-Tapping™ session, Marilyn's results indicated that her stress level was that of a woman 15 years younger, while Joeaux' results indicated she was 23 years younger. The practitioner was amazed. "Wow!", he told them. "Whatever you are doing - keep doing it. You are definitely walking your talk."

Using the same technique over the past 10 years, in private sessions with Marilyn, 1000s of people have either avoided surgery (when Western doctors said that was their only option), or now know exactly how to treat their own illness to be pain free.


This 21-Day course will give you the practical experience of working with real people with real problems, daily. 
Do I have to take any of the other Holographic Healing courses prior to taking this Holographic Healing (IV) course?
No, they are interdependent. You may find Holographic Healing (I) helpful because it is the foundation for this program but you can always go back and take it later.


Frequently Asked Questions

Marilyn Harper
Divine Link for Adironnda & the Council of Light 
Travels and shares the stage with the  Lee Carroll & the "Kryon family"
She’s been called the “Midwestern Spiritual Sparkplug…” and the Bette Midler of the New Age movement. Marilyn is a renowned public speaker, facilitator, and Spiritual teacher. She is invited back again and again as a featured speaker at conferences, retreats and workshops for her warm, authentic and off-beat stories of personal transformation – delivered in a way that’s hilarious, heartfelt and inspiring. With an insightful blend of love and laughter, Marilyn has a unique gift to tap directly into the participant’s emotional core, and then guide them gently through the experience of release. She will inspire you to take action!
Marilyn is an internationally recognized expert on the walk-in phenomenon. Since her awakening in 1996 and opening to channeling Adironnda and Company, she has traveled the world over activating individuals and groups to their own personal destiny. 
She is a Reiki Master, Karuna Master, Quantum Touch Practitioner and spiritual retreat facilitator. Prior to her career as a Channel and spiritual teacher Marilyn was a playwright and has written 6 successfully produced plays, three of which raise money for victims of violent crimes and have raised over $500,000 in SW Missouri. Marilyn’s goal is to provide phenomenal experiences around the world and practical methods to help people laugh, love, experience deep joy as well as live their best life ever. For more details, visit www.Adironnda.com
Module 1
Review the ability to see or sense inter-dimensionally, any energetic pattern. Identify how you receive your information.
Module 2 

Ignite the development of inner sight, inner sense, inner sound, inner feeling, and inner knowingness. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Module 3
Strengthen your intuition. Balance the group consciousness and understand how to enhance it.
Module 4
Daily intuitive exercise. Make a habit of using your intuition daily so that you can learn to truly trust it.
Module 5
Working with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of the human form.  Build a relationship with your Higher self.
Module 6
Create a personal inner balance. Understanding the importance of your own balance when working with yourself and others.
Module 7
Alignment. Moving all of the systems together to the part that signals the brain.


About Marilyn Harper, Health Intuitive
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Do you second guess your intuition? If you BELIEVE in trusting the Universe, what's keeping you up at night?
Here's What You Get:


(4) 60-minute online video classes of the upcoming module and Q&A with Marilyn.

(17) 30-minute teleclasses to deep dive the assignments, with activation and meditation download

Diagrams of Body Parts - Handout

Daily Assignments


Downloadable "etheric software" to install into your brain, and activate your pineal - third eye

Downloadable "Cellular Healing" Guided Meditation ($15 value) and "Optimal Health" 2-hour Video Class ($199).

Is it possible to use the Holographic Healing modality in my alternative health practice?
Absolutely! We offer a certification program and this process works GREAT along side of other modalities.



Practice. Practice. Practice.

Joeaux and Marilyn Ziplining in Big Sky, MT

A 7-module, 21-day intensive course with Marilyn Harper

P.S. The HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING process, downloaded from Adironnda & the Council of Light and developed by Marilyn Harper over a 10 year period, has worked for hundreds of people in releasing chronic pain and dis-ease.  

You get it all today for only $666!

So, for less than it would cost you (monthly) to visit most doctors, you get to learn an entire program on how to heal yourself.

As always, this is 100% risk free. If you are unsatisfied with this class for any reason, please let us know. We will give you a 100% refund during the course of the class.

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Other questions or concerns? Email us: info@adironnda.com 
  1. 17 DAYS OF LIVE ACTIVATIONS – Join both Marilyn and Adironnda, and a group of like-minded people, all over the world.
  2. SUPPORT – 17 daily sessions + 4 LIVE teleseminar follow-ups with medical intuitive, Marilyn Harper
  3. CONVENIENCE – Join in LIVE, or listen to the replay recording, at your convenience
  4. COMMUNITY - Jump online early and ask questions, or join our private FaceBook page and commune with the other participants there
  5. RELEASE - The possibility and intention to release any programs, habits and addictions by learning to go into your own (or a participant's) body. You will learn to use etheric tools to release blockages and health imbalances.
  6. MAGNIFICATION - The advantage of magnifying the energy by meditating online live with others.  Each person magnifies the energy by 144 Times. With personal challenges, the energy will be magnified for your own healing.


What's Included?

Is Holographic Healing I, II, or III a Pre-requisite?


1) Those who are experienced practitioners will learn from the collective and be able to practice their intuition in a safe, and like-minded environment.

2) Those with little to no energy work background will benefit from learning first hand by doing, and then able to follow it up with a more theoretical understanding of the holographic healing modules.

3) You will benefit from the hands-on process. Later, of course, you may wish to take one or more of the Holographic Healing programs. And - for certification, Practicing Mastery is REQUIRED.


This 21-Day Holographic Healing IV course will be recorded live and includes 4 hour and a half classes and 17 mini classes and activations for a more highly developed inner sight. You will practice the techniques of the other courses, however, we will not go into the EXPLANATIONS of the other courses. 
Why Practice Mastery?
You'll put the power of intention to work.  Practicing Mastery is understanding how you receive your information so that you can put yourself (or others) into holistic alignment. You will deep dive your own innate ability to align, integrate and release dis-ease of the human form. Incorporating your senses to hear, feel, see, and know with your intuition, you'll be confident about your information regarding health and true happiness.

Holographic Healing 4:

Practicing Mastery 

Personal Experiences with HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING:
"After the last class on Tuesday when my pancreas said 'iodine', I got online and looked for a test for iodine deficiency and found one. I did the test and I am quite low. Amazing stuff you are teaching. I also had to let you know I asked a question at the Eclipse talk but it was not answered by you, but by source. My question was about what is the most effective way to focus your intent. That night I picked up a book called 'The Magic Mala' and immediately I had my answer. I got up the next morning to order mala beads on line and there was a set by my alter blessed by the Dali Lama when he was here in 2005. WOW!!!! This works. My deepest Gratitude for bringing more pieces of the puzzle.." 
~ Allison, Australia

"In February 2020, Marilyn Harper and the students of her course Holographic Healing 5 literally saved my life. Traditional medicine had done little to relieve the extreme pain and suffering from a diagnosed pancreatic cyst (IPMN), dilated pancreatic duct and colitis that I had been suffering for four months when Holographic Healers began working on me. The Holographic Healing I received turned my condition around. I remember sleeping all night long after the very first session. By June 2020, when the pancreatic specialist preformed an esophageal ultrasound I was well into recovery and the specialist declared that the cyst in my pancreas was “not worrisome”, no surgery would be required, and no need for follow up for six months. My gastroenterologist is still baffled. I’m not, I’m grateful for my Holographic Healers."

~ Katherine G., Arkansas

"I can’t say enough about Holographic Healing. I am 76 and fractured my left wrist full radius, in a bathroom fall February 17, 2020. After 4 or so Holographic Healing sessions by a wonderful lady named Paula Letkeman (Holographic Healing Graduate & Practitioner), as well as regular physical therapy sessions, I gained full strength and range of motion. To me it is a miracle that I am able to play my violin with ease and grace and full vibrato. Thank you Marilyn for this miraculous course and thank you Paula for your heartfelt desire to help others return to wellness." 
~ Cheri,  Missouri
"I was experiencing some debilitation in my left shoulder which an MRI had diagnosed with acute tendinopathy, frayed fibers, tendons and ligaments. I was taking Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) shots which work on the fiber repair but take shoulder rest, inactivity and time to accomplish. I am an Esoteric Healer and use my arms when I treat clients. Marilyn allowed me to be the recipient of Holographic Healing from her class, so I became the class subject. The pain relief was immediate, the soreness alleviated. This pain relief lasted for a couple of weeks. With consistent Holographic Healing work, I was able to continue my practice and treat my clients. I believe that the Holographic Healing work provided a foundation for the PRP shots to completely heal my left shoulder and arm. I am now interested in learning the technique to deepen my own practice." 
~ Sally K.,  Oregon
Marilyn Harper explains why 
Monthly Practice Sessions
Throughout 2021, Marilyn will be offering 12 unique opportunities to practice your new Holographic Healing skills.  There will be NO COST for these monthly practice sessions! 
You are welcome to attend as many as you wish as a BONUS for enrolling in this course.

Please note that the dates of these monthly practice sessions are subject to change based upon her schedule and availability. Details will be provided via email and Facebook group.