Holographic Healing 2: Akashic Mastery

If you would like to learn the inner-meaning behind your chronic pain, or dis-ease, and how you can simply release it... this course is for you!
Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?
You’ve tried everything: Western and Eastern doctors, supplements, read every book, been to every psychic, and nothing seems to work. You're not alone.

There’s a reason why the health care  industry is the 5th largest sector of the American economy, contributing 7.1% of the GDP, or $1.2 billion. People have been trained to give their power away for quick fixes (that rarely work long term), rather than invest in their own “inner” work to be free of chronic pain and dis-ease, once and for all. 

If this resonates with you, we have a solution.
HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING 2: Akash Mastery with Marilyn Harper is a 5-module course that will help you to understand the core of your own dis-ease or chronic pain. You'll learn to  release the emotion behind your physical body pain, therefore releasing the dis-ease. The result is a healthier and younger you, for the rest of your life.
Imagine what it would be like to roll out of bed each morning feeling great!


Imagine feeling energized, pain-free, and ready to tackle whatever is your heart's desire. Regardless of your current age.

This is an easy technique to learn, to heal yourself (or others). It is actually a life-long habit that you will create. For over ten years, this technique has proven to release chronic pain, heal dis-ease, and align the Spiritual and physical bodies, which ultimately leads to feeling younger. 

You will learn step-by-step to use this technique for yourself (or with others) during this course. Guaranteed.
For the past 10+ Years, Marilyn Harper & Joeaux Robey Have Been Using This Exact Technique.
People ask us all of the time, "where do you get the energy to maintain your International travel schedule, how do you do it?" The answer is quite simple. We use the techniques that Adironnda & the Council of Light give to us! This includes HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING.

During a recent Brain-Tapping™ session, Marilyn's results indicated that her stress level was that of a woman 15 years younger, while Joeaux' results indicated she was 23 years younger. The practitioner was amazed. "Wow!", he told them. "Whatever you are doing - keep doing it. You are definitely walking your talk."

Using the same technique over the past 10 years, in private sessions with Marilyn, 100s of people have either avoided surgery (when Western doctors said that was their only option), or now know exactly how to treat their own illness to be pain free.

Marilyn Harper explains why HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING 2 works...
Personal Experiences with HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING:
"During the months of December and January, I was having significant lower back pain. I went to the chiropractor several times, but the treatments did not improved the level of pain. While at a conference in Phoenix, AZ, I asked Marilyn Harper if she would treat my back with her selenite sword. She did and I’ve been pain free ever since. Marilyn went into my energy field and released whatever was keeping me stuck and causing the pain. I’ve experience Marilyn’s wonderful holographic energy healing on a number of occasions and I find her more effective and more immediate than any medical treatment I’ve had." 
~Karen B., Ph.D.


Akash Mastery Course

Do I have to take Holographic Healing (I) prior to taking this Holographic Healing (II) course?
No, they are interdependent. You may find Holographic Healing (I) helpful because it goes into more detail on visualizing (remote viewing) inside the human body. But you can always take Part (1) later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marilyn Harper
Divine Link for Adironnda & the Council of Light 
Travels and shares the stage with the  Lee Carroll & the "Kryon family"
She’s been called the “Midwestern Spiritual Sparkplug…” and the Bette Midler of the New Age movement. Marilyn is a renowned public speaker, facilitator, and Spiritual teacher. She is invited back again and again as a featured speaker at conferences, retreats and workshops for her warm, authentic and off-beat stories of personal transformation – delivered in a way that’s hilarious, heartfelt and inspiring. With an insightful blend of love and laughter, Marilyn has a unique gift to tap directly into the participant’s emotional core, and then guide them gently through the experience of release. She will inspire you to take action!
Marilyn is an internationally recognized expert on the walk-in phenomenon. Since her awakening in 1996 and opening to channeling Adironnda and Company, she has traveled the world over activating individuals and groups to their own personal destiny. 
She is a Reiki Master, Karuna Master, Quantum Touch Practitioner and spiritual retreat facilitator. Prior to her career as a Channel and spiritual teacher Marilyn was a playwright and has written 6 successfully produced plays, three of which raise money for victims of violent crimes and have raised over $500,000 in SW Missouri. Marilyn’s goal is to provide phenomenal experiences around the world and practical methods to help people laugh, love, experience deep joy as well as live their best life ever. For more details, visit www.Adironnda.com
A 5-module Process to Releasing Pain & Dis-ease That Will:
Module 1
Give you the confidence to seek your own answers - You will learn a simple way to go into the Akashic Records (the record keeper of all past and future lives) and witness the core situations behind your emotions, the cause of dis-ease.
Module 2 
Have you trusting your inner voice - As you learn to understand the symbolism of the Akash, you'll be less likely to give your power away to outside resources.  
Module 3
Make you an authority on the core of dis-ease - You'll have a complete understanding of the inner relationship between the emotional body and the physical body. 
Module 4
Give you a renewed sense of personal freedom - You'll learn how to sense inter-dimensionally where the emotional or physical blockages are and how to release them. 
Module 5
Allow you to share your "gift" with others - You'll have a thorough understanding of how everything in your past shows up in your emotional body and then in your physical body. No more mystery! You'll be able to assist others in letting go of dis-ease and pain.





Must I know any other modalities to be able to participate in Holographic Healing (II)?
No. Just bring an open mind and a desire to succeed.
About Marilyn Harper, Health Intuitive
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Do you question your "inner knowing"? Are you confused about what your body (or Guides) are saying to you? 
Here's What You Get:


(1) 90-minute, online video of the upcoming module and Q&A with Marilyn.

(2) 45-minute teleclasses to deep dive the assignments, with activation download

Weekly Handout

Weekly Assignments


Downloadable "software" to install into your brain, and activate your pineal - third eye

Downloadable "Cellular Healing" 

Is it possible to use Holographic Healing in my alternative health practice?
Absolutely! We offer a certification program and this process works GREAT along side of other modalities.

Are you sick and tired of not knowing WHY you are sick and tired?

"In my youth I had several sports injuries to my lower spine, the lumbar area. As time progressed, I developed arthritis, bone spurs, disappearing discs, and pinched nerves. The pain reached a point that I had an MRI that confirmed all this with scientific accuracy. I saw a pain management doctor and we got approval for a epidural to my lower spine. I had several (holographic healing) sessions with Marilyn, working on that exact area, and by the time we were ready to schedule the epidural, I no longer needed it! The pain was gone and has not returned months later. Marilyn actually opened the space between my vertebra! It was a miracle and will make the rest of my life much more comfortable!"
~Roberta A., California

"After the last class on Tuesday when my pancreas said iodine, I got online and looked for a test for iodine deficiency and found one. I did the test and I am quite low. Amazing stuff you are teaching... WOW!!!! This works. My deepest Gratitude for bringing more pieces of the puzzle." 
~Allison, Australia

Joeaux and Marilyn Ziplining in Big Sky, MT

A 5-module, 5-week RECORDED course,  with Marilyn Harper

P.S. The HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING 2: Akash Mastery process, downloaded from Adironnda & the Council of Light and developed by Marilyn Harper over a 10 year period, has worked for hundreds of people in releasing chronic pain and dis-ease.  But don't wait...no risk with our 100% money back guarantee during the first 14 days.

You get it all today for only $666!

So, for less than it would cost you (monthly) to visit most doctors, you get to learn an entire program on how to heal yourself.

This is part II of the RECORDED Holographic Healing™ series with Marilyn Harper. *Part I (Body Mastery) is NOT a prerequisite for this course.

As always, this is 100% risk free for the first 14 days. If you are unsatisfied with this class for any reason,  please let us know. We will give you a 100% refund and you can keep the recordings and materials.

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Other questions or concerns? Email us: info@adironnda.com 
Monthly Practice Sessions
Throughout 2021, Marilyn will be offering 12 unique opportunities to practice your new Holographic Healing skills.  There will be NO COST for these monthly practice sessions! 
You are welcome to attend as many as you wish as a BONUS for enrolling in this course.

Please note that the dates of these monthly practice sessions are subject to change based upon her schedule and availability. Details will be provided via email and Facebook group.