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Your Hosts: Joeaux Robey & Marilyn Harper

Marilyn Harper is the Co-Founder of Adironnda & Company. Known as "The Vessel" and Divine Inspiration, Marilyn is the Divine Link for Adironnda & The Council of Light. Admittedly, she teaches people to be happy. For decades, she has delivered Adironnda’s messages of unconditional love to a global audience. With a mix of candid humor and mid-western straight talk, she provides actionable steps for the esoteric concepts she shares. Marilyn communicates with a unique blend of inspiration and intuitive insight to empower you in becoming your authentic self. And... she walks her talk, having created a long career living out her soul purpose.

Joeaux Robey is the Co-Founder of Adironnda & Company. Known as "The Joy" and Divine Action. For most people in the Spiritual Personal Development industry, managing and planning doesn’t sound very interesting. For Joeaux, launching businesses (and programs) is a passion she’s been leaning into for over 30 years. More recently, her plurk (play+work) landed her a Divine partnership in Adironnda & Company, with Marilyn Harper, where her focus is awakening people to a bigger picture of life. Now, she inspires people and small business owners, in launching their own magnificence through Soulopreneur. I guess you could say she’s "living her dream."

ET? Starseed? 

Planet Are You From?

LIVESTREAMED CLASS  | SaturdayAugust 15, 2020  |  11:00 am - 1:30 pm PT 

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Explore Your Galactic Akash 


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Join Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey, with Adironnda & the Council of Light for this premier online event where you'll get to discover your Planetary or Starseed origin by going into your Galactic Akash.

Your Akashic Records contain the recording of your soul's history including all past lives up to this moment, both on and off this Planet.

Exploring your Akash can answer many questions, uncover your soul purpose, open you up to higher levels of consciousness, bring forward the best version of you, and connect with your galactic roots.

"...Please let me echo the sentiments of some of the other participants when I say that today was extraordinary! It really opened me up in a way that I did not think possible, by releasing the fear and embracing why I am here. I am so excited about the next phase as the shift was remarkable."   ~ Amy M.

"I just finished your Plurkshop and I wanted to say what an amazing feeling that is coursing through my body. I hope it never leaves, but if it does I know how to reactivate it instantaneously!"  ~ Elizabeth B.

"...Adironnda told me that the Universe was trying to get my attention and to say yes to every opportunity. Well I did and in two weeks I got a new job, an increase in salary and a much better commute!!!"  ~ Olga S.

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