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Unlike other spiritual development workshops, Everything is Possible is an immersive experience. You'll take away decades of proven strategies and practical wisdom to use in your daily life. You'll also have multiple opportunities to experience the wisdom, humor, and love of Adironnda and the Council of Light.

What makes this event different?

Imagine the feeling when you...

Discover how easy it is to determine your life purpose and synchronize with your soul; embody your innate abilities and step up in life with confidence; instantly raise your vibration and take your consciousness to new heights. This weekend will help you do just that. You'll overcome what is holding you back and start living the life you deserve!

Introducing Adironnda and The Council of Light...

Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey bring 45 years combined self-discovery, spiritual seeking, and purpose-filled living. They share the messages of Adironnda (a loving energy from the 17th Dimension).

The two are passionate about assisting people to connect with Spirit, to listen to their own Spiritual Guidance, and tap into their purpose and destiny on the planet. 

Marilyn admits, she has tried everything from books to workshops and knows what works! In her own self-discovery, she developed  techniques to remove self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns to discover the “touchstones” of her own life. Then, Adironnda and the Council of Light began to speak through her, bringing messages of love to the world.

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The EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE Weekend Plurkshop is playful, profound, and practical, with easy to remember life lessons. You will learn how to magnify your intuition and partner with the Universe to co-create whatever it is you desire. After all, that's why you're here!

You'll establish new manifestation skills through memorable, interactive exercises. This raises your frequency to match what you want to create. 

When your brain and your heart are in perfect alignment you can access your innate abilities... and begin exploring the world where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

When you can create whatever's imaginable, you become a model for others to see their own potential. 

Soon enough, together, we've shifted mass consciousness.

Here's What You'll Experience

Join Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey for a fun and interactive weekendYou'll walk away with a greater sense of who you truly are, your purpose on the planet, and how to tap into your own inner wisdom. You will learn how to navigate modern life in trusted partnership with the Universe.

In 2010, Joeaux Robey joined Marilyn when Adironnda spoke to her through another person. With a successful background in start-ups, Adironnda requested her assistance on behalf of Marilyn. Adironnda's messages spoke so deeply to Joeaux that she quit her Corporate VP position to help Marilyn bring the word (and methods) of the Council to all ready to listen. Joeaux holds an MBA, is a Reiki Master and Psych-K facilitator.

Adironnda is a Spokes Being from the 17th Dimension, representing a Council of Masters that once walked the Earth. "They" refer to Marilyn as "the Vessel" and "Divine link." Adironnda brings forth the energy of unconditional love, the secrets of the Universe, and the true purpose of life. It's not essential that you believe in "them" to derive benefits from their information. Their messages benefit everyone.

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Know how to get clear on why you're here NOW so you can master your mindset to live your purpose.



Discover how to raise your emotions to the frequency of what you want to manifest and watch it show up.

Learn to clearly hear your intuition so that you can tap into your Higher Self and live the life of your dreams.


You'll learn how to live in the Quantum space, flow with ease and grace, trust the Universe, and create synchronicities to propel your evolution to the next level.

By leveraging your brain, expanding your heart and opening your pineal, you connect with Spirit (and your Soul) to activate your magnificence. 

You'll get real world examples and experience your innate abilities at a deeper level... feeling it in every cell of your body!  You'll "leave different than you came," and be able to explain it to others! You can even become a facilitator of this workshop.

What you'll learn in the Everything is Possible Plurkshop...

Does your outer world reflect your inner world?
Are you ready to THRIVE inspired with possibility?

Then, this is for you...

As You Evolve, the Planet Evolves.

As You Evolve, the Planet Evolves.

As You Evolve, the Planet Evolves.

Excel in the 5D Energy of Today

More Success Stories

"I walked away with a new feel-good sense of empowerment that I didn't think was possible in only a weekend!!! I want to do it again."

~ Diane

"My visions, sensations & images from the Akash are getting clearer every time I go through the meditations. Thanks for your Light and Inspiration!"

~ Milla

"We drove about 4 hours to get there and we were not disappointed. It was fabulous and I am so grateful for the things that were released!" <3 <3 <3

~ Gracie

What Divine seekers, like you, are saying about our Plurkshop weekends

"Loved, loved, loved my first time experience with you... Loved your energy! Carried it with me to work all day today. What fun that entity Adironnda is."

~ Swas 

"The content & exercises were helpful to advance my own work. You know that an experience was exceptional when you don't want it to end!"  

~ Thom

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the meditation to open our Akashic records. You are amazing... and so funny too. A little dynamo!!!!"  

~ Shelley

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"I will always remember it and always have you all close to my heart--- Especially Adironnda!!!! My heart is very full with love and compassion now!!!"

~ Clare

"Every time I say, "Boom! It's done! - I think of Marilyn and Joeaux. The simple 1, 2, 3 process really works. "  

~ Sean

"Normally, I'm shy and quiet in large groups. Yet, with Marilyn and Joeaux I felt safe and I DID find the Superhuman within me!!!! They make it so easy."  

~ Connie

The EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE Weekend Plurkshop is playful, profound, and practical, with easy to remember life lessons. You will learn how to magnify your intuition and partner with the Universe to co-create whatever it is you desire. After all, that's why you're here!

You'll establish new manifestation skills through memorable, interactive exercises. This raises your frequency to match what you want to create. 

When your brain and your heart are in perfect alignment you can access your innate abilities... and begin exploring the world where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

When you can create whatever's imaginable, you become a model for others to see their own potential. 

Soon enough, together, we've shifted mass consciousness.


For the first time ever...

Experience this Weekend Plurkshop (Play + Work) from the comfort of home on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone!

June 20 & 21, 2020
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM Central Time

Saturday and Sunday




I'm feeling abundant & fully supportive:

I'm happy to pay the streaming value:

Previously planned for Houston, TX... Now Open to ALL Worldwide to Attend: 

Due to the current global situation, the price has been adjusted to accommodate those out of work right now. It’s our intention that anyone who wishes to experience this online event will be able to join us. We've reached capacity for donations, so as of 6/19, that option has ended.


Life is a game. Learn the rules. It does a SOUL good to play!

Activate Your Innate Wisdom

Everything is Possible is a 2-day Weekend Plurkshop (play+work=plurk) facilitated by Joeaux Robey and Marilyn Harper (along with Adironnda and The Council of Light). 

This entertaining event is designed to help you "unstick your stuck," establish empowering habits, discover your purpose, return to a state of balance, connect with your intuition, get into the slipstream, and learn HOW TO CREATE ANYTHING. 

By the end of the weekend, you'll barely recognize the person who walked in on the first day and come away knowing exactly what you're here to do. You'll surpass what you once thought possible and begin thriving as you manifest the life you desire.   

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Your Facilitators & Cheerleaders


Prior to 1993, before becoming a spiritual advisor, Marilyn Harper says she was a "normal person", a Deacon in the Christian church, who sold advertising for a Country Western radio station and went dancing on weekends. She was one of 5 children to church going parents who ran a family-owned lumber company in a small Kansas town.

After her transformation in 1993 and her awakening in 1996, Marilyn truly set herself on a spiritual path. She knew she had new talents and skills that came in with her walk-in, but didn’t have a clue that her newly found abilities included bringing in messages from people no longer in physical form. (After all, prior to that, she tried to read the book by Shirley Maclaine Out on a Limb and threw it away for being sacrilegious)


For most people in the Spiritual Personal Development industry, managing and planning doesn’t sound very interesting. For Joeaux, launching products, programs and businesses is a passion she’s been leaning into for more than 30 years.

A decade ago, her plurk (play+work) landed her a Divine partnership in Adironnda & Company with Marilyn Harper where her focus has been awakening people to a bigger picture of life. With her recent launch of Soulopreneur, Joeaux inspires people and businesses in finding their purpose and launching their own magnificence. You could definitely say she’s “living her dream” and showing others how to do the same!

Marilyn didn’t believe it at first, but after becoming a Reiki Master she realized that she was able to “see or sense” into the human body and bring messages in from other realms. She then 'volunteered' raising her hand, stating: "I will go anywhere, say anything, do anything, as long as You can prove to me that you are God or Source moving through me." That was all it took for the Source of All That Is, God, to connect Marilyn with Adironnda and The Council of Light. 

Marilyn has her Bachelors of Science in Education and has completed classwork for her Masters of Arts degree. She has written 6 successfully produced plays, 3 that raise money for victims of violent crimes. She is a Reiki Master, Karuna Master, and Quantum Touch Practitioner, with multiple certifications as an Intuitive Consultant, Remote Viewer, and Peak Potentials Trainer, and has developed her own method of healing (along with Adironnda) she calls Holographic Healing

Combine creativity, business strategy, technology, and a passion for life, and you have Joeaux Robey. She serves as the Co-Producer, Co-Founder, and Co-Cosmic-Cheerleader at Adironnda & Company. Joeaux takes on challenging responsibilities, such as the translation of the non-linear language of Spirit, and the business of Spiritual Personal Development.

As founder of Soulopreneur, and Master of Reinvention, Joeaux wears many hats. Her mission is to shift the consciousness of the planet by assisting people in sharing their gifts with the world, creating the abundance they deserve, and doing what they were born to do in this lifetime.

She is a master communicator, professional technologist, marketing strategist, as well as a skillful artist and writer. Her impressive start-up and internet marketing background allows her to create content, produce and deliver material, develop a market, and grow a team, all while traveling the world interfacing with clients. In addition to her 10+ years in the Spiritual business, Joeaux also has more than 30 years in technology, graphic design, and business strategy. Ask her about Energetic Marketing. It’s her super power.

"I just wanted to reach out to tell you that the Plurkshop that I attended in this past summer in Ann Arbor, MI  still lingers on in my heart and mind. Just this afternoon, I was just telling an acquaintance about the experience... she said that it sounded like it was something that she would have loved to attend. (I was in the midst of telling her about the awareness bracelet exercise.) Blessings to you."

~M Janie B. from Ann Arbor

"Thank you for an absolutely amazing and powerful weekend!! The energy was powerful and it has remained with me all week. Thank you Adironnda and Master Jesus for your love and your messages. They went into every cell in my body and I'm sure I speak for many in the group. I am very thankful to both of you for making the weekend so personable. Sharing lunch with us was a special treat! I look forward to reading your book. I wish you so much success, abundance, love."

~Nancy C. from Houston

"Thank you for this past weekend’s fun Plurkshop. It was fantastic and spectacular and every other superlative in the dictionary!  Your carefully planned and intuitively directed sequence of steps to Quantum Living (A B C, 1 2 3) are memorable and easily doable (with practice, becoming even easier).  I have a new appreciation for your seamless teamwork — I have never heard Joeaux speak so eloquently. You, Marilyn, seem to increase in pure, loving wisdom each time I see you.  I was, as usual, fascinated by Sekhmet’s powerful use of the Selenite Swords (and her Balancing postures — WOW). My knee feels better and I feel less systemic inflammation. Thank y’all, Council!" 

~Lourana H. from Phoenix

"My friends and I are having many breakthroughs this week following the activations during the weekend. It was a wonderful Plurkshop and I am so grateful for having been a part of it. Love you both."

~Roxanne M. from Houston

"I loved the guided meditations and heart coherence. Also loved that you made us step out of our comfort zones by pairing us up for lunch, switching seats and especially superhero pose with I am statements. (I think this activity was really good for my mom, forcing her to face her fear of being put on the spot in front of an audience.  I was surprised how confident I was!  I hope that translates to confidence with achieving my intention.) Thanks so much for helping my Mom!"

~Vincent from Philadelphia

"Everything is Possible." 


"I got more out of this workshop than almost any other one I have attended.  It helped me to actually go through exercises and experience the concepts being taught. Also the small size of the class gave each person a personal experience.  I liked the different perspectives of Marilyn and Joeaux, saying the same thing, each in their own way.  I loved the whole experience... group exercises, being pushed beyond my comfort zone, writing my purpose and intents, and cementing with power stance. Also really liked Adironnda. There was no wasted time."

~Anonymous from Philadelphia

"I loved the clarity this Plurkshop brought connected the dots with intention, actions, balancing heart and mind, and enabled me to perceive myself, and get out of my own way (ego). Please don’t change a thing. Thank you for sharing your unique beautiful energy with us and showing us how to share our energies with one another."

~Antoine from Philadelphia

"This weekend prepared me for the 3 very challenging days that followed. I felt strong, focused, calm, and inspired by a team of angel and guides. I feel that I have changed. I'm constantly reminded to 'get out of my own way' and I am naturally more outspoken and sociable with people around me. Thank you Adironnda, Marilyn, and Joeaux."

~Jacqueline from Calgary

"I really had no idea what to expect from the Plurkshop. I can honestly say I experienced one of the most moving experiences I have had. To have Adironnda stare into my eyes to see my very soul was unlike any feeling I have ever had, truly moving!!! I am in the process of digesting all the wonderful information I received and am developing some important intentions. I thank you, Joeaux, Marilyn and Adironnda for a life changing experience . I wish you well with all you do."

~Ed B. from Toronto

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Are you a Lightworker, holistic healer, spiritual coach or retreat leader with an urge to share your message with the world? Come to any Adironnda Plurkshop Weekend to hear about a new program... that could also be your new career. 

Due to popular demand and personal requests from our past participants, to teach this information, we're launching a new 'open source' program in 2020. Now, you can teach our Everything is Possible Plurkshops, too...and make money doing so!

We're creating materials for you and a partner to take this message into your community. Our goal is to help you share this incredible, life-changing information with as many people as possible. Together we can shift mass consciousness! 

Once you discover for yourself the incredible power that comes from being inspired with possibility, knowing your mission and living in'll want to share this. 

And the way we teach it makes it so easy that you’ll walk away being able to explain the tools to others and immediately use them to make shifts in your own life as well. Add this class to your 'spiritual toolbox' and take it out into the world. Our mission can become your mission, too: Spread the happy-ness!

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