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Learn how to channel professionally and establish a business from World-renowned Channeler, Marilyn Harper.


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About Channeling

As a professional channel of 21 years for Adironnda & The Council of Light, Marilyn describes channeling as bringing through messages of Divine guidance by raising your vibration to expand and focus your consciousness. By the power of Spirit, the channel receives and conveys love, activations, healing, and wisdom from Higher dimensions.

Higher Beings Desire to Communicate

Your channeling may include communications with fairies, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Star Beings, Devas, Collectives, or even loved ones that have passed.

Your Personal Consciousness Expands

When you connect with Beings from the Light, you'll bring through wisdom and truth from the Higher realms shifting your awareness and expanding your state of consciousness.

High Vibrational Frequencies Accessed

As a channel, you'll experience a significant increase in your vibration and it's this higher energetic frequency that allows you to convey the Divine message in a way others can feel.

"Channeling brings you closer to your core and allows you to discover and receive deep wisdom, joy, creativity, unconditional love. The information that you receive can also be a personal source of your own inner guidance as well as solutions for everyday or long term challenges."


Program Benefits

With your enrollment in the online Channeler's Academy, you'll learn how to channel confidently and clearly on demand and receive: 

Twice Monthly Office Hours

You'll benefit from Marilyn's 30+ years of knowledge as you discover answers to all of your questions during the live scheduled Q&A's.

Private Facebook Group Access

You'll be invited to join the conversation with your fellow students online in our exclusive Channeler's Academy community on Facebook.

Fun Accountability Partnership

You'll have the opportunity to select a partner for scheduled channeling practice sessions together as you rehearse your newfound skills.

Member's Only Retreat Access

You'll be given the option to attend an Annual Channeler's Academy Retreat with Marilyn and Joeaux reserved only for students of the program.

Academy Pricing

We offer two options for enrollment in the Channeler's Academy online. Is having more flexibility, or saving money and getting additional bonus content and perks, more important to you?





All modules delivered and billed per month (12)

  • 1 module delivered per month for 12 months
  • 2 office hours sessions per month (live Q&A)
  • Invitation to attend Channeler's Retreat
  • No bonus content, memberships or extra perks included





All 12 Modules billed as a single payment

  • Lifetime access to all 12 monthly modules
  • 2 office hours sessions per month (live Q&A)
  • Invitation to attend Channeler's Retreat
  • Built-in savings of $756 plus 6 bonuses: 
  • 2 60-min Private Sessions with Adironnda
  • Annual Double Digit membership included
  • Any "How to Channel" class included forever
  • 3 Downloads: Harmony, Messages from Your Soul and Daily Meditations recordings

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You'll receive private access to your Channeler's Academy portal where monthly video and audio files will be delivered for ease of downloading.

12 Self-Paced Modules 

Online Interactive Classes

You'll get to participate in group online training twice per month and receive all the benefits from Adironnda's activations at a cellular & DNA level.

"I am excited about channeling. Someday I would love to work with others with similar skills to be a professional channel, healer, and gatekeeper and teach others what I learn. I am honored to be in this class and hope that the people I meet and network with may come together in the future on a large scale. Taking each day as it comes. Marilyn and Joeaux are wonderful teachers and I am thankful for this opportunity!"



About Marilyn


Here is what some of our students had to say about how the online Channeler's Academy program has impacted them.

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"The committed channeling practice has been wonderful for me. I am able to move through my day with such peace."

"...My soul/higher self whispered that I must absolutely take the Channeling classes. I am so glad I listened because I have come to trust and become comfortable/confident in what comes/flows through. Thank you so much, Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey. :) I am here now, listening, to further step into who I am at a soul level."



"I had an experience that was really cool and I wanted to share with you. I have had chronic body pain for several years experiencing very few days without pain. The first time I watched Adironnda's activation, I had 6 hours of zero body pain. To me that is a miracle. This weekend I was experiencing a lot of pain and last night listened to the activation again and had a completely different experience. My body was jerking/twitching bit and I got warm and tingly and then I started channeling in a different language. My belief is that it was African and I have channeled in this language before, but haven't for a couple of years. Also, my body pain today is very low. I'm going to listen again this evening and allow myself to experience whatever I need to experience."

Marilyn Harper has been called the "Midwestern Spiritual Spark-plug" and the Bette Midler of the Mystical Movement.

Prior to 1993 and before she became spiritual advisor, Marilyn Harper says she was a normal person, deacon in the Christian church, sold advertising for a Country western radio station and went dancing on weekends. She was one of five children to church-going parents who ran a lumber company in a small Kansas town.

After her transformation in 1993 and her awakening in 1996, she truly set herself on a spiritual path. She knew she had new talents and skills that came in with the walk-in, but didn’t have a clue they included bringing in messages from people not in physical form any longer. (After all, prior to 1993, she tried to read the book by Shirley Maclaine Out on a Limb and threw it away for being sacrilegious).

She had a weekly energy session to help release old programming and invoke the new skills, whatever they might be. Marilyn didn’t believe it at first, but after becoming a Reiki Master she realized that she was able to “see or sense” into the human body and bring messages in from other realms. 

She then “volunteered” raising her hand, stating: I will go anywhere, say anything, do anything, as long as You can prove to me that you are God or Source moving through me. That was all it took for the Source of All That Is to connect Marilyn with Adironnda & The Council of Light.

Marilyn has her Bachelors of Science in Education and prior to the Walk-in had completed the classwork for her Masters of Arts degree. She has written 6 successfully produced plays, three that raise money for Victims of Violent crimes. She is a Reiki Master, Karuna Master, Quantum Touch Practitioner, and is certified as an Intuitive Consultant, Remote Viewer, and Peak Potentials Trainer. And over the last 10 years, Marilyn has developed her own method of healing she calls Holographic Healing.

In her work as a speaker, facilitator and healer, Marilyn's goal is to provide fun experiences and practical methods to help people laugh, love and live the life they are here to live in joy and peace. 

Adironnda & Company

Adironnda is a Spokes-Being from the 17th Dimension channeled through Marilyn. They, Adironnda & The Council of Light (as they are now known), represent a Council of Guides, Angels and Master Teachers no longer in physical form, who deliver messages to help awaken the people of this planet. They are loving and funny and gently assist in healing the heart, the past and in activating whatever is in your highest good to be activated for the betterment of humanity.

Key Skills You'll Learn

Perfecting your ability to connect to Higher dimensions

Safely grounding before and after channeling

Discerning the difference between Higher energy and yours

Discovering your own personal clarity and guidance system

Delivering any message with love

Living intuitively day-by-day accelerating your own path

"We are asking each of you to step into your abilities.  If you do not, your abilities will be given to another to carry the torch. Keep the torch going. You are the light bearers."


"Channeling is a skill and can be learned. Your intuition is a muscle you can develop with intention, practice and training."


Marilyn Harper channels Adironnda & The Council of Light

All Classes Are Online

Live from "How to Channel" Class

Live Activation from "How to Channel" Class

Adironnda Live from "How to Channel" Class

Online Modules

Raising Your Vibration

The Foundation / Self Discovery

Module 1 - Commitment

Module 2 - Dive Deeper

Module 3 - Personal Transformation

Vocalizing the Message

Profession Possibilities

Your course work in the Channeler's Academy will cover the following: 

Module 7 - Transmission, Filter Free

Module 8 - Transmission, Trust

Module 9 - Trust, Trust, Trust

Module 4 - Trust the Message

Module 5 - Protection

Module 6 - Living at a Higher Vibration

Module 10 - Practice, Practice, Practice

Module 11 - Websites, Blogs, Art & More

Module 12 - Jumping into the Ethers & Love It

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