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About Adironnda & Company

Adironnda is a loving Spokes-Being for a Council of 12 (the Council of Light), from the 17th Dimension. Marilyn Harper is the the Divine Link for Adironnda and the Council, fondly referred to as "the vessel". Their mission is simple... for humans to realize happiness is a choice. Together, with Joeaux Robey, whom Adironnda refers to as "the joy", they create tools, classes, and adventures to help people live in unconditional love.

Humans have a tendency to complicate things. Somehow they think it brings more value. We are a bottomline kind-of messenger. It must be simple, clear and fun. We choose to help raise your vibration to the highest possible frequency, simply, and with much as fun as possible.

Adironnda with Marilyn Harper, 
Divine Link for Adironnda & 
the Council of Light

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