MAY 16 - 30, 2016   |    SACRED JOURNEY

The Sacred Sites of Peru

  • Spend 15 days with Adironnda & Company.
  • Encounter your shadow side, with knowledge and respect. 
  • Allow for the healing of guilt, fear and shame through the Light. 
  • Gain a greater perception of indigenous cultures of South America. 
  • Experience the Ancients of the great Machu Picchu energy and activate a past life.






DAY 1- MAY 16


Take This Adventure with Marilyn & Adironnda?





When my husband took me on a trip with Marilyn and Adironnda, I was suicidal. I beleive it was my husband's last attempt at keeping me here. Through the work of Adironnda and Marilyn, I experienced such major shifts during the retreat, now here I am, twelve years later, still choosing to live, having my depression healed and removed."

Peru contains 84 of the 117 Eco systems and is home to 10,000 varieties of potatoes, as well as delicious exotic cuisine, extraordinary biodiversity & a multitude of rich cultures.

Meet the Shadow side with knowledge and respect, and allow for the healing of guilt, fear and shame through the Light. Experience the grandeur and ingenuity that are Machu Picchu. Open your Inner Sight, as in The Celestine Prophecy. Gain a deeper perception of the indigenous cultures of South America and join in bringing balance and protection to the Sacred Valley.

Arrive in Lima  
Our English speaking guide and translator will meet and transfer us to Miraflores, where we'll rest for our early flight, the next day.
Your Itinerary
Your adventure awaits you in Peru and begins upon arrival in Lima, Gateway to the Andes Mountains. This trip is limited to 22 people to ensure a more intimate experience. 

The Sacred Sites of Peru

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DAY 2 - MAY 17

Fly to Cusco - Despacho Ceremony in Urubamba
We'll check into our hotel, enjoy lunch, and take the afternoon to rest and adjust to the high altitude of the Andes Mountains.

We'll participate in a ceremonial despacho offering to Mother Earth,with a Pacc'os (Healer) who will ask the Great Spirit and Mother Earth to give the energies of the universe asking them to assist in beginng our personal pilgrimage in this land. The blessings of this beautiful ceremony assist us in our spiritual alignment for an amazing trip, with many beautiful awakenings and activations.

DAY 3 - MAY 18

Visit the Archeological Sites & Craft Markets  
In the morning, we travel to the archaeological site of Pisac, then to the village, to visit the craft market. We'll enjoy lunch in Calca.
Then, in the afternoon, we will visit the archaeological site of Urco and make a small ceremony to connect with the basic energy of Mother Earth (Kundalini).
We return to Urubamba for dinner.

DAY 4 - MAY 19

Experience Machu Picchu  
Our day begins with a train ride from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Caliente. From there, we bus to the Crystal City: Machu Picchu with an expertly guided tour by former Machu Pichu Hear Archaeologist, Reuben Orellana Neira. This is very rare, and special.
There will also be free time to explore. We‘ll return to town for an early dinner and then, go to the hot thermal baths. We will enjoy a private re-birthing ceremony, with bells, in the healing waters of the hot springs.

DAY 5 - MAY 20

Explore Machu Pichu 
In the morning, we can visit Machu Picchu. Those who wish to hike have the option of going to Huayna Picchu or Machupicchu Mountain (This requires early booking in order to get the necessary and highly desired permits) We will meet or lunch, and afterwards, visit Jordan Heberth (local healer). He will assist us with a sound ceremony for World Peace.
We will return by train to Ollantaytambo for dinner. Afterwards, we will soak in the steam room, with medicinal eucalyptus plants.

DAY  6 - MAY 21

Connect to the Feminine Energy of Killarumiyoa  
This morning, we will head to the Killarumiyoq archaeological site, a ceremonial place that is associated with the feminine energy of the moon. Through a sacred ceremony, we will connect to the feminine energy of the site. Before returning to Urubamba, we will have a picnic lunch, together.

DAY 7 - MAY 22

A Day of Giving Back 
Up early for breakfast, then we depart by bus to Ocongate (in the mountains), to the school in Hueco Uno. We will spend time with the children, and do humanitarian work with the Heart Walk Foundation for several hours. Then, it's back to Urubamba for dinner and time to rest. Optionally, if you don’t want to travel up to the high altitudes, you can stay and rest at the healing center in Urubamba.

DAY 8 - MAY 23

Lake Titicaca and the Floating Isles of the Urus
After breakfast, we will travel by bus to the port of Lake Titicaca (the highest navigable lake on the planet), we then boat to the mirror of water and the floating islands of the Uros, and continue to the island of Taquile where we lunch. Next, we visit the island of weavers and farmers, then we return to Puno in the late afternoon.


Awaken your own kundalini energy as you explore Machu Picchu, where the kundalini energy of Mother Earth resides. Connect to the ancient wisdom of this beautiful, magical land.



Adironnda,  Channeled by Marilyn Harper




  • Special guided tour of the Crystal City - Machu Picchu - with the former head archaeologist of this sacred site, into areas "off limits" for most tourists
  • Enjoy a despacho - ceremonial offering to Mother Earth - with a Pacc'o (Healer) of an Andean communit
  • Visit archeological sites and connect with you Kundalini - the basic energy of Mother Earth


DAY 9 - MAY 24

Explore the Very Important Portal of Amrumuro
Today we return to Cusco, near Lake Titicaca to visit the Amrumuro - a most important portal. We will lunch in Sicuani and visit the archeological site of Racchy. Then, back to Cusco where we will enjoy a dinner with music and cultural dancing.

Explore those Spiritual Aspects of yourself left behind at one of the oldest connections on the Planet, 24/7 with Adironnda!

You will join Marilyn and Joeaux, Adironnda, and our special Ambassador, experienced Peruvian Trip Advisor and Shaman, Angela Mandato, who will guide us through the Peruvian adventure, and connects us with Reuben Orellana, former head archeaologist of Machu Picchu. Experience the channeling of both Marilyn (with Adironnda & Company) and Angela, as they assist in connecting you to the multidimensional worlds to deepen those core Aspects of yourself, with the Ancients of Peru.

When you understand your core, everything else becomes easier."


~ S, California 
Adironnda Retreat Participant


~ D, New Hampshire,
Adironnda Retreat Participant


We return home as a soul family to admire our great work, and reclaim our gifts!"

Angela Mandato,
Our Peru Ambassador,
Shaman and Emotional Healing Practitioner



With Adironnda


DAY 10 - MAY 25

Peruse the Market of Iquitos 
Travel back to Lima, then fly to Iquitos. Enjoy lunch at our hotel. Afterwards, explore the city of Iquitos and the market, before dinner.

DAY 11 - MAY 26

Cruise Up the Amazon and Meet a Local Healer
Eat an early breakfast, then we are off to the port of Bellavista, in the Nanay River, tributary of the Amazon. We'll take a boat up the river, toward the Reservation of Yanamomo and the Heliconia Lodge, where we will lodge.


DAY 12 - MAY 27

Meet the Pink Dolphins of the Amazon 
After breakfast, we take a boat to the Amazon River tributaries to have our first connection with the pink dolphins (inia geoffrensis) and gray dolphins. You can take time to swim and play in the river mud, then return to the lodge for lunch. In the afternoon, we will take a short walk in the jungle to observe the flora and fauna.  


DAY 13 - MAY 28

Share the Traditions of the Yaguas 
After breakfast, we return to the Amazon River tributaries and watch the dolphins, and swim. After lunch, we will visit the community of Yaguas to share their traditions and customs. Then, we return to the lodge to rest.  


DAY 14 - MAY 29

Experience Our Healer's Specialty, Baño de Florecimiento
Before breakfast, we will experience the “Baño de Florecimiento,” a special plant & flower water prepared by our Healer, to purify us after we shower. In the Shamanic tradition, it is given to protect the energy of the body. During breakfast, participate in a round table, group discussion, with Don Maximum to share our experiences.
Today, we will return by boat to the city of Iquitos, and bus to our hotel, have dinner together, with time to explore the city and shopping. 


DAY 15 - MAY 30

Last Stop, Miraflores Craft Market
Today, we return to Lima by plane. We then bus to Barranco for lunch, and a stroll around Miraflores, and the craft market. We will eat an early dinner, together before saying our final good-byes and transfering to our individual airports for the international flight home.


LIVE Teleclass, Q&A + Sharing Our Intgration Experiences
Because this is such a powerful, Spiritual, life-changing experience... many people return home, longing to connect once again with the group. We present this as an opportunity to really integrate your journey in Peru. Adironnda will be present to assist in a final activation in bringing your experience into a useful 3D context. This call will also be recorded.


Travel with us along the Amazon River, where we will be welcomed by the Jungles of Mother Earth. Enjoy rare and unique inhabitants - including three-toed sloths and fresh water Pink Dolphins. Even have a natural spa treatment in the rich mud along the riverbanks. Discover local tribes and connect with the animals that have become their pets.

  • Private re-birthing ceremony with bells in the healing waters of the hot springs of Aguas Calientes
  • Sound a ceremony for World Peace with a local healer
  • Sacred ceremony at the Killarumiyoq archaeological site, associated with the feminine energy of the moon


  • Humanitarian work with the Heart Walk Foundation
  • Participate in an Andean Cosmology Offering to Mother Earth
  • Free time to explore the city, go shopping or visit museums and colonial churches
  • Boat to the Amazon River tributaries to connect with the pink dolphins (inia geoffrensis) and gray dolphins
  • Take a short walk in the jungle to observe the flora and fauna
  • Visit the community of Yaguas to share in their traditions and customs
  • Round table group discussion with  our Shaman to share our experiences during the ceremonies 
  • Experience Channeling once or twice daily
  • Feel the energy of spending 24/7 with Adironnda & Marilyn, Joeaux, and Angela, since they work with your energy, even when you sleep!
  • The connection of like-minded friends – Soul family

If there is one thing I can say about traveling with Marilyn and Adironnda, I shift more than I thought possible & come away from the retreat laughing, singing and dancing, because I shifted more to ME than ever before!" 


You see things, you dream, you know the xapiripë [spirits]. Shamans can cure the disease of the forests."

~ Davi Kopenawa, On Shamanism 

Photo: © Claudia Andujar/Survival

  • Visit the Reservation of Yanamomo and a local Shaman will teach us about sacred plant medicine
  • Experience the “Baño de Florecimiento,” a special plant & flower water prepared by our Shaman to purify us



  • Experienced Archeological Guides, including the former Head of Archeology at Machu Picchu
  • Indigenous Pacc'os (Healers) from several communities
  • English speaking Peruvian translators, full of love and light!
  • Indigenous cultures
  • Adironnda & Company, a spokesbeing for a council of Angels, Guides, Archangels, Master Teachers
  • A seasoned Peru traveler - Spiritual Guide - from the United States



Urubamba & Sacred Valley
Machu Picchu
Aguas Caliente
Nanay River port of Bellavista
Reservation of Yanamomo



MARILYN HARPER - A renowned international public speaker, facilitator, and Spiritual teacher. She delivers warm, authentic and off-beat stories of personal transformation in a way that is hilarious, heartfelt and inspriing. Marilyn and Adironnda provide an insightful blend of love and laughter, with a unique blended gift to tap directly into the participants's emotional core and then guide them gently through the experienc of relsease. She is a Reiki Master, Karuna Master, Quantum Touch Practioner and spiritual retreat facilitator. Marilyn's goal is to provide phoneomenal experiences around the world and practical methods to help people laugh, love, eperience deep joy, as well as live their best life ever. 
JOEAUX ROBEY, M.B.A. - Avid hiker! Heart-centered entrepreneur and a passionate Internet marketer currently focused on assisting Awakenend businesses. She has an innate ability to deep dive into a business and to put the processes and brand commmunications in place for rapid growth. She is well versed in content creaion, webinar and event production, and online communities. Her unique background make her a creative and powerful opportunity manifestor. Reiki Master and Psych-K® Facillitator. 
REV. ANGELA MANDATO, L.M.T, N.C.T.M.B. - From the age of nine, Angela has been studying indgenous cultures and practicing the teachings of ancient mystery schools. A mystic at heart, she uses her gifts of intuition to benefit mankind in a variety of ways. She is an intuitive massage therapist, Deeksha "oneness" blessing giver, and Quantum healer. She is a graduate of Sensory Development Institute and the Healing the Light Body School. She is also certified in Soul Communication, Soul Facillitation and Soulful Leadership, ans well as Ultimate Human Training.


I LOVED it, I learned just how Unique I am and that is a good thing!” 

~ P, Florida
Adironnda Retreat Participant


Adironnda treats me like a spiritual adult.  They don't play and laugh with me so much, as they honor my own deep desire for knowledge and wisdom...and they lead me there, whether I like it or not, at the time.  I feel there is a no nonsense approach with me...they have high expectations of me … Sometimes I get frustrated ...but that leads me inside to my own truth...which is exactly where they want me to go.  They are insisting that I think more of myself and honor my own inner Wisdom, and quit pussy footing around with worrying that my path seems so different from everyone else’s."

~ M, Texas
Adironnda Retreat Participant

RUBEN ORELLANA - Former head archaeologist of Machu Picchu, will expertly guide our exciting adventure. Ruben Orellana has been an external consultant to the National Institute of Culture in Cusco, Peru and was Director of Andean Shamanic Journeys. Dr. Orellana's career as an archaeologist culmintated with his being named the Head of Archaeology at Machu Picchu, where he discovered 44 new sites surrounding the Crystal City, including the North Inca trail.

QUESTIONS? Contact Marilyn at
(417) 860-5432 or email



After meeting you, I was absolutely energized and uplifted. You (Marilyn) and Adironnda, and of course - Jesus... were amazing and wonderful.” 

~ K, Colorado
Adironnda Retreat Participant