Adironnda & Company with Marilyn Harper

Meet the Lemurians, in Cancun.

Remember personal details about your roots and why the Compassion Choir resonated in the 1st place.


A Loving, Group Activation

We purposely limit the size of the group for an informal experience that can include personal interactions as well as global and planetary questions.

Enlightening and Entertaining


Adironnda is a spokesbeing from the 17th Dimension representing a company of Masters, channeled by Marilyn Harper. You'll find the humor delightful and the information profound. Guaranteed!

A Perfect Kick-off for Cancun


Meet up with other Choir participants, engage with Adironnda, begin your Compassion Choir experience with a little "inside" information.

A Pre-Compassion Choir Event:
An Intimate, 2-hour Evening
with Adironnda and Marilyn Harper

You heard about the Pineal Tones Choir, and you knew you had to be there. ‘Ever wonder why?
Adironnda can help you remember details as a Lemurian, or answer those human questions concerning you now.

Join our session...

We respect your privacy and our server is safe and secure for your transaction. We operate under the highest law of all, karmic law.

for a small fee of $44. per person
Seating is limited. First come, first served.

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 Wed., Dec. 4th, 7-9PM
At the Moon Palace Resort (same venue as the choir.) You will be emailed the room location.

“My natural style of counseling is intuitive. You are so right about the connection of healing emotions and life trauma to heal addictions. I also love the concept of plerking - - play + work. Plerking life in the present is a beautiful thing.
Thanks for a wonderful and insightful evening!”


Wake-up Call Group Participant

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The Pineal Tones

with Marilyn Harper

About Marilyn Harper - In 1993, following a major life transformation, Marilyn began to notice that she had “certain” gifts. After becoming a Reiki Master, she realized ascended Masters, Archangels, Avatars from the Light (or Source energy) were contacting her to communicate with either herself or others. Marilyn understood this as truth due to her training in automatic writing which had taught her how our Oversoul or Guidance System works to communicate with each of us.
Enter Adironnda - In 1999, after an automobile accident, a friend realized Marilyn wasn’t present.  She helped her to set aside her own consciousness and spoke to her Higher Self, or who ever was present, operating in her system. This was the first time Adironnda spoke through Marilyn. It was a complete surprise.  Adironnda is a multi-dimensional being that works with a council (or company, team of Archangels, Teachers, Avatars, and guides) from Source energy.  Adironnda is the “spokes-being” for the Council (or Company). Adironnda  and Company stated that they were sent to this planet from God (Source) because the beings here on Earth are “just not getting it, yet.” and “We” as well as you, are here to help with the shift.”
Since then, she's dedicated her life to helping spread the messages of the Council or Company to those here on planet Earth.
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